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A Lawyer is expert in employment law. A Lawyer supports employers and start-ups in all employment law related matters and has specific expertise in the IT sector. A Lawyer is specialised in (collective) dismissal, outsourcing, transfer of undertaking, privacy (GDPR) and flexible employment relationships. 

A Lawyer offers interim solutions so you can keep focus on the business.

Works Councils

The works council performs an important role within the company. What if the company wants to implement a reorganization without involving the works council? The works council needs to be informed about its rights. A Lawyer is experienced in co-determination law and guides works councils with a pragmatic approach, without losing sight of the relationship with the company.



A Lawyer works for employees, freelancers and managing directors. For example in case of impending dismissal, conflicts regarding non-compete clauses or other employment law related matters. Seen the years of experience of Annerieke she knows exactly what the impact is of such problems and she can take these off your hands. Short lines of communication are essential. 


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