Annerieke Weijts-Huiskes

I work as an employment lawyer for 15 years. I have guided many reorganizations, take overs, separations and negotiations with trade unions and works councils from a legal perspective. 

Individual matters (for companies and employees) such as conflicts relating to non-compete clauses, illness, and termination of the employment agreement have my focus. 

I have sucessfully completed the Grotius employment law specialization and I am a member of several employment law specialization associations (VAAN, Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht). I lecture regularly on employment law topics and I have publihed several articles in specialist literature. 

Due to my years of experience as an inhouse lawyer in multinational companies as well as a lawyer in the private practice, I know which appraoch works without over-complicating. Prevention of conflicts is the starting point. That's why I like to help you in an early stage. If necessary I can help you with legal proceeding. 

My pragmatic approach is highly aprreciated by clients.

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